See how small group travel is the way to go for (slightly) seasoned travellers

5 Reasons to Solo Travel After 50 with G Adventures

Photo: New friends on tour

Age is just a number, but adventure knows no bounds. If you’ve reached that stage of life when you know all of the places you do (or don’t) want to go next, have time to really immerse yourself in a destination, and your desire to connect with others grows stronger — we’ve got great news! Here are five solid reasons why you should join us on some of our top tours for solo travellers over 50.

1: Make new friends

Why you’ll love being with a group: Naturally, this is numero uno on our list. Making new friends is often challenging, so there’s nothing better than meeting people you just click with. Small group tours are the perfect way to find like-minded pals of all ages, who enjoy travelling the way you do. You might even find a new favourite travel buddy for the next trip and the trip after that.

From our 50+ community: “We are in our 60s and every tour has had single ladies of all ages including in their 80s! G Adventures is exceptionally good at helping travelling singles.”

Where to go: If seeing Machu Picchu is on your wishlist, but hiking isn’t your cup of tea, fear not. You can bypass the sweaty climb and get to these stunning ancient ruins by train. Sit back and watch the lush Andean scenery as you wind your way through the Sacred Valley. Plus, there’s no FOMO from skipping the Inca Trail trek because your fellow adventurers are right there with you.

Our tour suggestion: Explore Machu Picchu

Photo: CEO with Group

2: Feel safe the whole time

Why you’ll love being with a group: No matter your age, one of the biggest concerns around solo travel is safety. With us, not only do you get the security of the group but we guarantee you won’t turn up at a questionable hotel that gives you the heebie jeebies. Plus, you’re not tethered to your fellow travellers. With plenty of built-in free time, you can strike out on your own and return to share your discoveries with the group later.

From our 50+ community: “I am in my early 60s and did my first G Adventures trip last year solo and loved it. This year I have already booked 2 tours back to back travelling solo.”

Where to go: Explore South Africa with peace of mind as you wine taste in Cape Town, cycle Soweto in Johannesburg, and search for the “big five” in Kruger National Park. If you do want to explore solo, your Chief Experience Officer (CEO) has plenty of tips on which areas are safe, how to get around, and ways to keep in touch if needed.

Our tour suggestion: Cape Town, Kruger & Zimbabwe

Photo: Lion in South Africa

3: Your CEO is here to help

Why you’ll love being with a group: Having a CEO with you every step of the way means they can pitch in on any issues that may come up. (Or even just snap that lasting memory of you taking in the sights.) They can help you replace lost items and handle special requests whether it be mobility issues, dietary issues, or help seeking medical attention. Plus, they are super good at pep talks when you need a little push to reach a vista point.

From our 50+ community: “[G Adventures] adapts well to individuals’ needs. I had mobility issues before I got both knees replaced and they made things work for me.”

Where to go: The islands of Bali and Lombok can only be described as super dreamy. Luckily, with your CEO leading the way, you can embrace adventure in all its forms knowing they have your back. You’re in the ideal location for cycling around the islands, snorkelling, and hiking — so bring it all on with gusto!

Our tour suggestion: Classic Bali & Lombok

4: A trusted local guide

Why you’ll love being with a group: Your CEO is not only there to help, but also to show you the very best time in their home country. While they get you from point A to point B and all the stops in between, they’ll regale you with stories, facts, and insights you won’t get from a guidebook. The best part of a local guide is their local knowledge — and you'll have the best of the best at your side.

From our 50+ community: “I am a mature woman who has done 12 trips mostly on my own, with G Adventures. The CEOs make it easy and I have always made friends with my fellow travellers! Go with confidence and have fun.”

Where to go: Just because you can travel around Italy on your own, doesn’t mean you should. As you move from Catania to Palermo, you’ll learn more about Southern Sicilian culture, traditions, history, and food than you thought possible. Top it off with a hands-on arancini cooking class or a soak in a hidden cove pointed out by your CEO.

Our tour suggestion: Explore Southern Sicily

Photo: Sicily beach

5: Stress-free travel

Why you’ll love being with a group: Are there three sweeter words in the English language than “stress-free travel”? At home, the responsibilities are endless but the beauty of small group travel is that once you meet up with your group, you don’t need to think about anything else. Tickets to must-see sights? We can help. Transport strikes? We deal with it. Language barriers? We speak it. Your job is to put all of your energy into having the time of your life.

From our 50+ community: “I’m 67 and have been on 4 solo G Adventures trips and planning another this summer. I’ve been among the oldest, but certainly not the least capable! Just go… no regrets!”

Where to go: With a culture that highly respects their elders, Thailand is the perfect destination for seasoned travellers. There’s more to this beautiful country than the full-moon parties, so get busy learning about local customs, exploring the bustling streets, and feeling completely at peace.

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